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“Because I'd been in the habit of sleeping all day and partying all night, one of my first challenges was turning my days and nights around. I explained to my pastor that I needed something to do during the day because all my old friends were drug addicts and night people. He solved the problem by entrusting me with a new responsibility. He informed me that because of my previous leadership skills, he was promoting me to "head of the head." It was his way of saying he had given me the job of church janitor!”
“I was so amazed about my new life that I started telling everybody about it and soon led some of my old musician friends to the Lord. I also met some new friends who were musicians at a Bible study I was attending. In our free time we started doing what all musicians do: jamming. But this time we did it in a whole new way. We not only played music, we fasted, prayed and studied Gods Word together. Over time, our little jam sessions/prayer times produced what would later become the Christian rock band, Mylon and Broken Heart.

My pastor did his part to help us along. He wisely allowed several of the musicians who had committed their lives to the Lord become church janitors also. We all learned some valuable lessons pushing lawn mowers, mops, and brooms, and the ex-rockers/janitors club soon it became a very powerful ministry called Broken Heart Ministries.”
“In just the first year of services in the church gym and around the city of Atlanta, we led almost 1800 young people to the Lord.”
“Over the next 15 years we eventually headlined almost every major contemporary Christian festival in the world. We also won a Grammy and four Dove awards.”
– Taken from Mylon's autobiography Live Forever


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